Look who I had dinner with this evening @AustinBasis @toby_regbo @JayRyan #BATB @CWReign [x]

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celebrity crushes
Toby Regbo
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@HairReign: Cheeky Toby [x]

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Toby Regbo for the #HeForShe campaign​ [x]

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Toby’s CWestionator video! 
Watch him reveal who he thinks is the best kisser (wink wink), 6 second dance party and his best American accent! 

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Toby and Torrance baking for eTalk CTV (x)

Behind the scenes of Toby and Torrance’s Reign press day for M3! [x]
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 CP24 Interview with Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs (24/9)